• There is a Spirit

    There is a Spirit

    “After Kerem Aktürkoğlu rolled the ball into the empty net to seal the match, fueled by the euphoria of happiness, I wrote the following message to my friends on my phone: ‘This time, there is a spirit.’” The Turkish national team seemed to have lost its competitive identity from successful days, marred by scandals and…

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  • The Arrival of ‘The Special One’ to Fenerbahçe

    The Arrival of ‘The Special One’ to Fenerbahçe

    José Mourinho, one of the top 5-6 football managers in the world, has been linked with Fenerbahçe for some time. Former Fenerbahçe president Aziz Yıldırım had promised to bring Mourinho in, even claiming they had reached an agreement, but current president Ali Koç secured Mourinho’s signing before elections began. Mourinho reassured fans at the press…

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  • Melodies of Literature

    Melodies of Literature

    Poems turned into songs are a magical dance of literature and music. These works bring together the deep emotional world of poetry and the universal language of music. Each song is a rebirth of a poem; the notes and words touch the deepest corners of the soul. Poetry already carries a melody within: The rhythm…

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  • 1 to the Euro

    1 to the Euro

    The start of Euro 2024 is just days away. While the teams are settling into the hotels where they will spend a few weeks, football fans are counting the minutes. Considering the catastrophe that will be unleashed from Friday onwards, this is the quietest time to talk about the teams, the standouts, the favourites and…

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  • Two Different Dystopias: George Orwell ve Kazuo Ishiguro

    Two Different Dystopias: George Orwell ve Kazuo Ishiguro

    A dystopia is a fictional society that depicts a dark and negative future where oppressive and totalitarian regimes prevail and cause individual freedoms to be restricted, and the environment is grim. Such stories convey critical messages through scenarios where current social, political, or technological trends are extremes. Kazuo Ishiguro and George Orwell are two significant…

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  • Ergin ‘Atamania’ in Final Four

    Ergin ‘Atamania’ in Final Four

    Europe’s most prestigious basketball organization, EuroLeague, once again hosted strong and exciting matches in the 2023-2024 season, giving great excitement to its audience. This season, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Panathinaikos were among the clubs that attracted attention with their transfers and regular season performances. Anadolu Efes and Fenerbahçe, our valuable team representatives in the region,…

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  • Galatasaray Triumphs in the Grueling Süper Lig Marathon

    Galatasaray Triumphs in the Grueling Süper Lig Marathon

    The most chaotic, eventful, record-breaking, and scandal-filled season in Süper Lig history has come to an end. Tactics, decisions, statistics, silenced referees, statements, and transfers were hot topics throughout the season. As Galatasaray emerged victorious, it’s time to recall the highlights of the season one last time before shelving them for good. The Race Begins…

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  • A Woman Like the Renaissance

    A Woman Like the Renaissance

    “A woman we know as ‘a woman like the Renaissance,’ who has filled her 91-year life with significant literary contributions. She was the greatest love of Orhan Veli Kanık, for whom Can Yücel wrote poems, and the literature teacher of Gülten Akın. She is the one whom Cemal Süreya described as ‘a woman like the…

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