• Feminist Perspective on the Earthquake and City

    Feminist Perspective on the Earthquake and City

    This article is based on the discussions we had during our meeting, where we commemorated the first anniversary of the earthquake, with contributions from our instructor Yağmur Yıldırım, organized by the Feminist Studies and Activism Club on 06.03.2024. A year has passed since the earthquake, yet the rubble has not been cleared. Perhaps as a…

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  • 60th Library Week

    60th Library Week

    Since 1964, Library Week has been celebrated in Turkey starting on the last Monday of March, aiming to instill the importance of books, libraries, and librarianship in the public, especially students. Throughout the week, various activities are organized to promote the love and habit of reading books among the public. This year, under the leadership…

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  • Çanakkale is Impassable!

    Çanakkale is Impassable!

    Çanakkale was more than a piece of land; it was a place of struggle. This city, where the world’s largest armies came with all their resources, was actually the place where the heart of a homeland beat. The Ottoman Empire, which was defeated on many fronts, was victorious in Çanakkale. Thousands of foreign enemy soldiers…

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